Having been without forests for a thousand years, wood has now become an available resource in Iceland. While increased amounts of forest utility can be expected in the coming years,
 innovation in the sector has not been growing in utilization of forest produce and therefore 80% of annual production is sold as firewood to a silicone-metal factory. 

Skógarnytjar takes the first steps towards improved secondary-industry and reinforced forestry by creating culture around utilization of forest produce - based on mapping of the forest produce.

A number of designers were invited to a co-exhibition where Björn Steinar produced prototypes from submitted proposals – based on mapping of the forest resource from a quick-start-guide 
on Icelandic forest utilization.


Objects; Danielle Misso, Sigurrós Guðbjörg, Johanna Seelemann, Iwo Borkowich.

Objects; 1+1+1.

Object; Sigurrós Guðbjörg.

Object; Romain Laval.

Object; Reanata Souza.

Object; Kristín Sigurðardóttir.

Object; Studio Flétta.

Object; Elísabet Kristín.

Object; Danielle Misso.