Björn Steinar is a product designer, currently based in Reykjavík. He is an enthusiastic designer who strives towards bringing around societal change through his design practice.

Björn is from a generation of product designers; designing into a world over flooded with products and useless temptations. The world is in dire need of solutions to an array of problems, which is why Björn tends towards what he calls an anti-capitalistic design method; honest design practice with a real purpose, where no one is screwed over - neither people nor planets.

Recent works include Catch of the day – fighting food waste by handcrafting vodka from dumpster dived fruits – followed by an open source distilling machine, Cargo – an explanation of the world condition from the standpoint of the steel shipping container and banana passport (now on display at the Maritime Museum of Denmark) and last Forest Utility – mobilizing Icelandic designers and foresters with a quick-start-guide on how to design from Icelandic wood, to create a culture around utilization of a new resource in a previously woodless country.

The three research-driven projects echo Björn’s vision of using design as a medium for conveying ideas. Strong simple narratives and expressive simple solutions, combined with close collaborations, place his local context as a metaphor for the world in a solution-oriented dialogue. Always proposing a solution, no matter how complex the problem.

Projects / Exhibitions / Publications / Talks 


Catch of the day presented at Óhóf hosted by The Environment Agency of Iceland.

Catch of the day talk at Material 2018 in the Nordic House.

Catch of the day nominated to the Icelandic Design Awards.
Catch of the day featured in Future Builders Design Awards TV show on NPO - Netherlands. 
Catch of the day exhibited in Temporary Art Center at Dutch Design Week. 
Willow Project
 published in Why Materials Matter by Seetal Solanki.
Talk at Ueno Reykjavík about Catch of the daySkógarnytjar and Cargo.
Plastic recycling workshop for product design graduates at Iceland University of the Arts.
Participation in Design Match at Helsinki Design Week. 
Representative of Icelandic design in Design Diplomacy on Helsinki Design Week.
Skógarnytjar introduction at Aðalfundur Skógareigenda in Hella.
Open Precious Plastic Reykjavík workshop on Reykjavík Culuture Night.    
Soap bubble workshop at Museum of Design and Applied Art Iceland.  
Willow Project
 published in Radical Matter; Rethinking materials for a sustainable future.
 exhibited as a part of The Magic Box; Shipping, shopping and the global consumer.
in Maritime Museum of Denmark.
Precious Plastic
 Reykjavík opened in Skeifan.
Workshop on behalf of Precious Plastic in WAB Beijing.
Matter out of place exhibited in Red Gate Residency - Beijing.
Catch of the day published in;
Design Indaba, Glamour, Trend Tablet, Metropolis Magazine, Damn Magazine, HA Design Magazine,
Man Magazine and Core 77.
published in;
Metropolis Magazine, Damn Magazine, HA Design Magazine, Man Magazine and Iceland Review.
 presented at DesignTalks in Harpa - March 15th.
Catch of the day featured in Vikan með Gísla Marteini on RÚV.
Skógarnytjar featured in Menning on RÚV.
Cargo published in Dezeen and HA Design Magazine.
Cargo a part of DesignTalks conference in Harpa.
Alternative Gardening exhibited in Þverholt 11 as a part of DesignMarch.
 exhibited in Heiðmörk as a part of DesignMarch.
Catch of the day
 exhibited in Bismút as a part of DesignMarch.
“Islands / System” Lecture at Iceland Academy of the Arts.


Cargo a part of the Antenna conference on Dutch Design Week organized by Design Indaba,
World Design Event and Dutch Design Week.

Internship at Precious Plastic / Dave Hakkens.
Willow Project exhibited in TextilMuseum as a part of Earth Matters.
Cargo published on 
Design Indaba and in Verdure Engraved.
The Commodity and Anti-Capitalist Design published in Mæna
Cargo exhibited in Straumsvík Aluminum Smelter as a part of DesignMarch.
Cargo exhibited in Reiðarfjörður Aluminum Smelter.


Hugarflug talk; 
Willow Project and scientific design method.
Willow Project exhibited in Skriðuklaustur.
Willow Project book published by Partus Press.
Willow Project exhibited in Sjóminjasafnið as a part of DesignMarch.
Willow Project published on DezeenFrame Magazine no.111HA-Magazine no.3.
Alternative gardening / nutrition exhibited in Grótta lighthouse as a part of DesignMarch.
Cargo exhibited in Reykjavík Art Museum as a part of the graduation show of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts.
Björn Steinar artist of the Issue of Reykjavík grapevine.
Connective Collective: Local Production Pt.1 exhibited in the Iceland Ocean Cluster on Food & Innovation.
Connective Collective: Local Production Pt.1 published in NORD No.4.
Willow Project exhibited in Klokgebouw as a part of Dutch Design Week.


Just wood exhibited in Kaffistofan as a part of DesignMarch.
Just wood published in Hanna Magazine and Tímarit skógræktar Reykjavíkur.
Willow Project exhibited at the 
Icelandic Academy of the Arts.


2013-2016. Product Design - Icelandic Academy of the Arts.
2012-2013. General Design - Technical Collage Reykjavík.
2007-2011. Collage - Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð.