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Workshop on behalf of Precious Plastic opening in Beijing March 22nd.
Cargo opening in Maritime Museum of Denmark April 25th.


Catch of the day published in Glamour.
Catch of the day published in Metropolis Magazine.
Skógarnytjar published in Metropolis Magazine.
Cargo a part of DesignTalks in Harpa - March 15th.
Catch of the day published in HA Design Magazine.
Skógarnytjar published in HA Design Magazine.
Catch of the day featured in Laugardagskvöld me› Gísla Marteini on RÚV.
Skógarnytjar featured in Menning on RÚV.
Cargo published in HA Design Magazine.
Catch of the day published in Man Magazine.
Skógarnytjar published in Man Magazine.
Catch of the day published in Iceland Review.
Skógarnytjar published in Iceland Review.
Cargo a part of DesignTalks conference in Harpa.
Alternative Gardening exhibited in Þverholt 11 as a part of DesignMarch.
Skógarnytjar exhibited in Heiðmörk as a part of DesignMarch.
Catch of the day exhibited in Bismút as a part of DesignMarch.
“Islands / System” Lecture. Overview of my designs in Iceland, for the MA at Icelandic
Academy of the Arts.


Cargo published on Design Indaba
Cargo a part of the Antenna conference on Dutch Design Week organized by Design Indaba, World Design Event and Dutch Design Week.
Internship at Precious Plastic / Dave Hakkens.
Cargo exhibited in Reiðarfjörður Aluminum Smelter.
Willow Project exhibited in TextilMuseum as a part of Earth Matters.
Cargo published in Verdure Engraved.
The Commodity and Anti-Capitalist Design published in Mæna
Cargo exhibited in Straumsvík Aluminum Smelter as a part of DesignMarch.


Hugarflug talk
Willow Project exhibited in Skriðuklaustur.
Willow Project book published by Partus Press.
Willow Project exhibited in Sjóminjasafnið as a part of DesignMarch.
Willow Project published on DezeenFrame Magazine no.111HA-Magazine no.3.
Alternative gardening / nutrition exhibited in Grótta lighthouse as a part of DesignMarch.
Cargo exhibited in Reykjavík Art Museum as a part of the graduation show of the Icelandic Academy of the Arts.
Björn Steinar artist of the Issue of Reykjavík grapevine.
Connective Collective: Local Production Pt.1 exhibited in the Iceland Ocean Cluster on Food & Innovation.
Willow Project exhibited in Klokgebouw as a part og Dutch Design Week.


Just wood exhibited in Kaffistofan as a part of DesignMarch.
Just wood published in Hanna Magazine and Tímarit skógræktar Reykjavíkur
Willow Project exhibited at the Icelandic Art Academy


2013-2016. Product Design - Icelandic Academy of the Arts.
2012-2013. General Design - Technical Collage Reykjavík.
2007-2011. Collage - Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlíð.